Crest Meaning: Agnew

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Two possible origins for this surname, either the Norman de Agneaux or the Ulster O’Gnyw. Either way, this crest comes from the Agnews of Lochnaw. Here we have an eagle with the Latin motto ‘Consilio non impetus (by wisdom/judgement not impulse/passion). The significance of the eagle is not immediately apparent, possibly indicating a calculated and powerful nature. The motto does have a back story; this is lifted from book 7 chapter 4 of the Roman historian Quintus Curtius Rufus work Historiae Alexandri Magni or Histories of Alexander the Great. The full phrase used there is ‘Consilio, non impetus opus est’ – there is a need for wisdom, not impulse.  So, through this, in a subtle way, the Laird of Lochnaw is associating his qualities with no less than Alexander the Great.