Crest Meaning: Ainslie

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This surname comes from Saxons who fled to Scotland from the Norman Conquest of England. The crest here has a naked arm wielding a scimitar – a statement of martial prowess there. The arm sprouts from a cap of maintenance; this sign of dignity might be a reference to the special royal favour shown by King Robert II to William de Ainslie in the 14th century. The Scots motto ‘Guide in Need’ doesn’t seem to refer to a specific event, but a general statement of dependability. The arms of the chiefly family bear a second Latin motto ‘pro patria saepe pro rege semper’, which means ‘often for the country, always for the king’. This seems to be an inversion of a more popular early modern motto ‘often for the king, always for the country’, as used by Jean-Baptiste Colbert.