Crest Meaning: Borthwick

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The Borthwick Crest consists of a Moor’s head in profile and the Latin motto ‘Qui Conducit’, both being recorded by 1675. The head is a reference to William Borthwick, who is reputed to have fought and died at the Battle of Teba in modern-day Spain, in the Christian Crusade against the Moors, and the Sultan of Granada, Muhammed IV. Borthwick and a number of other knights, led by Sir James Douglas, were carrying the heart of Robert the Bruce, as on his deathbed, Bruce had asked that his heart be taken on crusade. At Teba the Scots were hacked to pieces, and before he died Douglas flung Bruce’s heart over the Moorish lines, while shouting ‘now pass thou onwards before us, as thou wast wont, and I will follow thee or die’. There is no contemporary mention of Borthwick being present, only later mentions.

The Latin Motto ‘qui conducit’ translates as ‘he/she/it who leads/unites'.