Pipercraft Highland Clansman Figurine

In 1688 King James VII of Scotland and II of England was deposed, in what became known as the Glorious Revolution. Supporters of the exiled Stuart monarchs became known as ‘Jacobites’. James attempted to regain his throne in 1689, ultimately being defeated in Ireland at the Battle of the Boyne. James’ son, the ‘Old Pretender’ James VIII and III, made his attempt in 1715, landing in Scotland with a small force and rising the nobles and Highland Clans. He was forced to flee after the bloody Battle of Sheriffmuir. Finally, in 1745 the third Stuart, the dashing Charles Edward Stuart, the ‘Young Pretender’ or ‘Bonnie Prince Charlie’ made a bid to reclaim the thrones of Britain, via Scotland. Charles’ charisma drew the Highland Clans to him, and his army made it all the way to Derby in England, before fatefully turning back to Scotland. He was defeated at the Battle of Culloden.

Here we have a statue of a faithful Highland Clansman, with targe and broadsword ready for battle. 

Stands 9cm tall and is cast from high quality 100% lead-free pewter. Presented on a base of polished wood, using off-cuts from our bagpipe workshops.

Cast and finished by our team of dedicated craftsmen in our workshop in the heart of Glasgow, Scotland.

Pewter figures are usually ready to ship within a day or two if not in stock.  

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Pipercraft Highland Clansman Figurine

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