Officer Sgian Dubh - Irish Clan/Sept Crest

The first recorded use of this type of modified Sgian Dubh was during the Crimean War of 1853 to 1856. Officers of the Highland Regiments commissioned these tools with corkscrews and hoof picks to help them with day-to-day camp life. A number of variations were seen thereafter up to and during the First World War, but the practice died out thereafter, when the battlefield kilt fell out of use with new forms of modern warfare.

Our range of Irish crests were devised by the heraldic artist Romilly Squire, who served for many years as a consultant to the Chief Herald of Ireland. These badges use the Crests from Irish coats of arms, as the full arms are too cumbersome to use for the purpose of anything on a small scale. At its core, heraldry is all about communicating a clear message, so he focused on the crests to make the most elegant representations suitable for badges. He then set these crests within a traditional Claddagh circlet motif, along with the Irish-Gaelic rendering of the sept name. All the Irish crests we use are based on the historic examples found in the archives of the Irish Office of Arms.

Gaelic Themes is proud of its craftsmanship and authenticity as represented in this product and we have here replaced the hoof pick with a screwdriver and bottle opener as befitting modern needs.

Hand made in our factory in Glasgow, Scotland, assembled in stainless steel with Indian ebony handle, supplied with leather sheath and presentation box. Choose from our extensive range of clan and other crests.

PLEASE NOTE YOU MUST BE AGED 18 YEARS OF AGE AND OVER TO PURCHASE THIS PRODUCT. By purchasing a sgian dubh from St Kilda Store, the buyer certifies that they are 18 years of age or older and that they may legally purchase the sgian dubh. 

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Officer Sgian Dubh - Irish Clan/Sept Crest

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