Tailored traditional kilts, by the best kilt makers, with the widest range of tartans available on the market. We help make buying a kilt online easy. 

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Casual 5 yard Kilt - Polyviscose

A top-stitched 5-yard casual tartan kilt, made in polyviscose cloth, which is hypoallergenic and ver..

£123.75 Ex Tax: £103.13

Casual 5 yard Kilt

The 5 yard kilt is a lightweight and versatile alternative to the traditional 8 yard kilt. Less fabr..

£270.00 Ex Tax: £225.00

Full 8 Yard Kilt

As with all our kilts, this garment is Made in Scotland by our own trained kilt makers. They are ful..

£295.00 Ex Tax: £245.83

Full 9 Yard Kilt

The 9-yard kilt is recommended for gentlemen with larger seat (hip) sizes (between 46" and 52") to e..

£345.00 Ex Tax: £287.50

Tweed Kilt

A full tweed kilt, available in a wide range of patterns. As with all our kilts, this garment is Ma..

£331.87 Ex Tax: £276.56

Full 10 Yard Kilt

The 10-yard kilt is recommended for gentlemen with larger seat (hip) sizes above 52", to ensure a fu..

£400.00 Ex Tax: £333.33

8 Yard Vegan Kilt

The first vegan kilt on the market - since December 2018.As with all our kilts, this garment is Mad..

£292.50 Ex Tax: £243.75

Box Pleated 4/5-yard Kilt

The box pleated-kilt was the universal type of Feilidh beag or little kilt in the late eighteen..

£285.00 Ex Tax: £237.50

Full Plain Black 8 Yard Kilt

Our special offer kilt! This is a genuine pure wool plain black kilt, using a full eight yard of mat..

£155.00 Ex Tax: £129.17

Fully Hand-Stitched 8 yard Kilt

A completely handmade kilt. Tailored using the most traditional techniques. Many folk like their kil..

£380.00 Ex Tax: £316.67

Great Kilt - Feileadh Mor - Belted Plaid

Pure new wool Great Kilt with accessories. Supplied with a plain belt with double-pronged brass buck..

£300.00 Ex Tax: £250.00

Tartan Designer

We have our own powerful Tartan Designer Programme, which you can use for free HERE. We can als..