Machine or Hand Stitched Kilt?

Posted by admin 19/06/2020 0 Comment(s)


Above you can see a machine-stitched kilt on the left, and a completely hand-stitched kilt on the right. What’s the difference? Both have their own advantages. Both are made in the same way: it’s just that the former uses a sewing machine to finish, while the latter each stitch is done by hand.


A machine finish gives a fairly even stitch line. The advantage of the machine-finish is that it’s quicker to make and so makes the kilt cheaper overall. From a distance it is harder to see the stitching anyway, and there is no difference in terms of overall quality of the kilt.


A fully handmade kilt follows the older way of doing things, and many people like their kilts to be wholly traditional from start to finish, especially as a kilt is one of the few pieces of clothing you will own that should last a lifetime – and often passed down the generations. The hand stitching has much more character than the modern straight line you get with the machine-finished kilts, which you can see in the above pictures.  


So it’s ultimately a matter of preference – which ever choice you make you can be sure of a quality tailor-made garment with St Kilda.