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Balmoral Bonnet Plain Black

Balmoral Bonnet Plain Black
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Balmoral Bonnet Plain Black
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In the seventeenth century the 'blue bonnet' was universal in the Lowlands of Scotland and in the Highlands by the eighteenth. From this distinctly Scottish piece of headgear developed the Tam o' Shanter, Kilmarnock and Balmoral bonnets. The Balmoral is the more formal of these, although it can be worn to a range of formal or informal occasions. 

We provide premium quality black wool Balmoral bonnets worldwide. The Balmoral comes complete with red toorie (bobble). Cap badges, which are traditionally worn on the left hand side, can be purchased separately.

The diced Glengarry is a discontinued line, so only available in limited numbers in certain sizes. 

Measurements should be taken round the head where the bottom of the hat will sit.

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