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Ghillie Brogues

Brand: Gaelic Themes Model: B-BE
Ghillie brogues have long leather laces that crisscross around the ankle and tie in front. This design allows for a secure fit and adds an element of elegance to the shoes. ‘Broguing’ refers to the decorative hole patterns and detailing on the toe cap and along the edges.The Endrick is our 'all-r..
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Brand: Gaelic Themes Model: B-BL
Our Blane Ghillie Brogues are the perfect dancing shoes - great for ceilidhs and formal occasions. The flat sole will give you a swiftness and lightness of movement, especially compared to our other 'marching' brogues. Formal brogue with a full leather upper, leather cemented sole, synthetic li..
Ex Tax:£70.00
Brand: Gaelic Themes Model: B-BP
Not just for pipers! Our Piper Brogues are the last word in comfort - designed to be as comfortable as possible for a long a time as possible, this is the world's preferred pipe-band brogue. All you could want in a traditional 'marching brogue'. Full leather upper and lining with a microcellula..
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Brand: Gaelic Themes Model: B-BR
The ultimate Ghillie Brogue. The culmination of extensive research into the requirements of the modern marching band and all those who value comfort in their Ghillie Brogues - no matter the occasion.The 'Regimental' utilises the latest technology in shoe manufacture to achieve new levels of shoc..
Ex Tax:£210.00
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