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Vegan Kilt Outfit Products

Below you will find our specifically vegan friendly garments to build your kilt outfit. We're working to expand the range in the future.  

Brand: Gaelic Themes Model: L-SGTxxV
Using a combination of faux leathers and synthetic furs, we're now able to offer a fully Vegan Sporran.Take your choice of a range of cantle, metal finish and faux-fur options. Completely cut, assembled and finished in our Glasgow workshop by highly trained craftsmen, with decades of experience..
Ex Tax:£200.00
Brand: Gaelic Themes Model: Vegan Kilt Jacket
This customisable Vegan kilt jacket is made with polyviscose (65% Polyester 35% Viscous)  as a substitute to barathea wool, so no animal products were used in its production. Use the drop-down menus to personalise your jacket, with different cuff, shoulder, button and pocket options.This j..
Ex Tax:£200.00
Brand: Gaelic Themes Model: T-KCMT08V
The first vegan kilt on the market - since December 2018. This garment is entirely animal-product free. The kilt is machine stitched and hand finished from 8 yards of lightweight, hypoallergenic Polyviscose, is lined with hemp-canvas with 3 imitation-leather straps to ensure an excellent f..
Ex Tax:£250.00
Brand: Gaelic Themes Model: K-0900 White
Made in the UK. White (80% Acrylic, 20% Nylon). Currently only available in white, although we're working to extend this range.These are made in our Piper Kilt Hose format, which takes its look and texture from the classic "Bubble" top hose, however it is integrated into the sock as an extended turn..
Ex Tax:£20.00
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