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Our Six Workshops


Our hive of activity in Broad Street, the team here make all our garments and even things like bag covers. They’re split between cutters, machinists, finishers and pressers. Kilts, jackets, waistcoats, bagpipe covers, and much much more are all made here. Usually found working to a soundtrack of Clyde 1: George Bowie is especially popular.  



Sporrans, belts, kilt straps, all made from sheets of plain leather into the finished products. With decades of leather working experience, the chaps in this department know their materials and tools inside out, producing the best quality sporrans available. Usually found listening to Absolute Rock or Absolute 80s.



Here the most modern draughting techniques meet the traditional crafts of the other workshops. Our design team mastered their skills in the world-renowned Glasgow School of Art and utilise the best that technology can offer, from their software to 3D printing. They usually work in contemplative silence, at least as much as the massive 3D printer will allow.



Our team here work with lead-free pewter, to cast and polish our metal items. Cap badges, kilt pins, sgian dubh mounts, all the way down to Irish buttons. Also in here we have our resin injection moulding machine, which makes the sheaths and handles of our Sgian Dubhs. They’re usually listening to Radio 2.



The smallest department for the most previse work. Here the latest in CAD and the most up-to-date laser engravers are used to enhance many of the items we sell, from Sgian Dubh blades through to Sporran labels.



Not the most exciting name this, but this is one of the key workshops for bring all the rest together. Here the parts made up in design, casting and engraving are crafted into complete objects, such as the sgian dubhs. Cast items are given a final polish. They’re usually listening to either Radio 2 or else Clyde 1. Quite often this is drowned out by the chaps in the next-door workshop testing the bagpipes (R.G.Hardie Bagpipes). And that’s technically the seventh, as the do plastic and wood working. We use some of their offcuts for our Pipercraft Figurines.