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How to Buy a Kilt Online with St Kilda

How to Buy a Kilt Online with St Kilda

Buying a kilt online can be a daunting prospect, but we’ll make it as easy as possible for you. Have any questions? Just drop us a line using the contact form.

All you need to supply us with are four measurements. We suggest getting someone to help take these, as trying to measure yourself without bending is tricky, and you're likely to alter the results. 

  1. Waist: the size around your waist at your belly button (kilts sit much higher than normal trousers so this will almost always be different to your trouser size). This should be a firm measurement, but not to the point of pain. Kilt straps on this kilt are set with an allowance of 0.5" tighter and 2" looser. 
  2. Seat: the size around the widest point around your seat (bum). This is a loose measurement, and lets us know how far out to shape the kilt.
  3. Kilt Length: the measurement between the top of your hip - in line with your belly button – and the top or middle of your knee. This is a tricky measurement to get right. Make sure you measure round over the top of the hip, not just the side of the hip.
  4. Height: this will help us check that the measurements you’ve given are about right.

 Then you can choose your tartan. We source tartans from all the major mills in Scotland, so you should have no problem finding the one you want. Almost every clan and kindred of old Scotland is available, but if you’re looking for something else, there’s plenty more to choose from. You can use our tartan finder database to help you.

 We tailor all our kilts, so can accommodate most requestswant the fringe in a different colour to the tartan? Just ask.

Ready to go? Buy a Kilt Online here