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Historic Kilt Jackets

Brand: Gaelic Themes Model: V-MTMCV
Like the Jacobean jacket, the Chieftain or Jacobite Vest is twentieth-century revival pattern, which combines an eighteenth century vest form with nineteenth-century details (such as the taches and formal button lines). It ultimately derives from the late European medieval jerkin, which would have b..
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Brand: Gaelic Themes Model: V-MTM19CA
Here we have a ‘Justacorps’ style jacket, with a short cut for wearing with a Great Kilt feileadh mor, or even with a Small Kilt feileadh beag. This is a cut for the mid to later eighteenth century, with a non-closable jacket and turn back cuffs. We have devised this pattern to look the part, whi..
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Brand: Gaelic Themes Model: V-MTM19VCA
Our eighteenth century style waistcoat is made with a buff-coloured cotton, shown here with imitation horn buttons. Features a period-appropriate lacing at the back to ensure a good fit. Please provide a firm chest measurement, a relaxed waist measurement (at belly button height, not trouser h..
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