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Historic Kilts

Brand: Gaelic Themes Model: T-KCMTBX
Box-pleat kilts are an alternative to the more usual 'knife-pleat' kilts (which we offer in five yards or eight yards). The box pleated-kilt was the universal type of Feilidh beag (or little kilt) in the late eighteenth, and for most of the nineteenth centuries. This was the family of kilt..
Ex Tax:£260.00
Brand: Gaelic Themes Model: T-KFM01
Pure new wool Great Kilt with optional accessories. The Great Kilt was a near universal garment in the Highlands from the sixteenth century to the early part of the eighteenth (when the modern small kilt, the feileadh beag, was developed). Traditionally, the Great Kilt was simply a large piece ..
Ex Tax:£225.00
Brand: Gaelic Themes Model: T-KFM02PV
Machine-washable, hypoallergenic and vegan-friendly Polyviscose Great Kilt with optional accessories. This is 11oz lighter weight material, which is perfect for when you want the look of a great kilt but is also an excellent alternative to wool. (The wool version is pictured here to give an imp..
Ex Tax:£150.00
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