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This map of Scotland has been overlaid with historical locations of both the Highland clans and the Lowland kindreds, or other major family names, based on information researched covering up to the end of the seventeenth century. This has largely been extracted from the Register of the Great Seal of Scotland, which recorded charter confirmations made by the Crown. As Orkney and Shetland were dominated by the Stewart Earls of Orkney in this period, we have not been able to add names there yet, but we hope to do so in due course.

If you cannot find your name associated with a clan, the territory locator may still be able to provide an association with a major family name. We recommend that you initially search our database of names, towns and phonetic derivatives in our ClanFinder page to identify your clan or kindred. From there you can switch to using the territory locator. For fuller historical perspective with learned articles on Clans, Septs, Heraldry and much more, the information in the Scottish Clan & Family Encyclopaedia is unrivalled. It is available at

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