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How to Buy a Kilt Jacket Online with St Kilda

How to Buy a Kilt Jacket Online with St Kilda. We have four types of kilt jacket for sale. 

1.     Our stock jackets and waistcoats

These are standard sizes in a series of set patterns. For formal occasions we have the Prince Charlie or the Argyll (sometimes spelt ‘Argyle’). These are in a type of material called ‘barathea’, which is a fine woollen cloth, mixed with silk – it’s the standard material for all fine tuxedos and high-end business suits.

For semi-formal occasions and day wear we have our tweed Argylls and Braemars. Tweed is a traditional woollen fabric; flexible, colourful and part of an iconic Scottish look.

To get the right size for your jacket, simply measure your chest under the arms, or at the widest part of your chest just below that. Then, depending on how tall you are you’ll want either a ‘short’ a ‘regular’ or a ‘long’. For the exact sizes you’ll find a handy guide on each of our listings. All our stock jackets are usually ready for immediate dispatch, or within a couple of working days from your order.


2.      Our made to order standard size jackets

If you can’t find the style of jacket you want among our stock jackets, you might find it among our made to order standard size jackets. Here you’ll find a variety of different jackets and doublets. Many of the features can be customised, such as colour, buttons and details.

Our standard size jackets are a simple way for you to get the style you want, without too much fuss. Like our stock jackets, these follow standard sizing, based around your chest size.

As each of these items is made to order they can take up to six weeks to make, although we have the option for speedy delivery if you need it sooner.


3.      Fully made to measure jackets

Still want more? We can tailor a perfect jacket for you, to fit like a glove for your exact size and to your specifications.

The measuring process can seem daunting, but our handy guides should make it easier. Don’t forget as well, if you have a jacket that fits well already you can base your measurements on that. Like it but the arms are a little long? Take that measurement and take half an inch off.

As we tailor everything ourselves we can accommodate most requests, so just get in contact, and we'll see what we can do. Our tailors like a good challenge!


4.      One-off jackets

Sometimes our tailors like to experiment, or make use of spare material. In this section you’ll find unique and beautifully-tailored jackets in standard sizes, at exceptional prices.


Remember, unlike other companies, we make all our jackets and waistcoats ourselves, using tried-and-tested tailoring expertise built up over generations. Just get in contact if you have any questions.