Historic Kilt Jackets

Historic Kilt Jackets

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18th Century Kilt Jacket and Waistcoat

Here we have a ‘Justacorps’ style jacket, with a short cut for wearing with a Great Kilt feileadh m..

£427.50 Ex Tax: £356.25

18th Century Kilt Waistcoat

Our eighteenth century style waistcoat is made with a buff-coloured cotton, shown here with imitatio..

£121.50 Ex Tax: £101.25

Chieftain / Jacobite Kilt Vest

Like the Jacobean, the Chieftain or Jacobite Vest is twentieth-century revival pattern, which combin..

£157.50 Ex Tax: £131.25

Jacobean Kilt Jacket

The Jacobean Kilt Jacket is a twentieth-century revival jacket meant to imitate the styles of the m..

£168.75 Ex Tax: £140.63