Casual Kilts

Casual Kilts

Ideal for informal events and days out. They are especially good as starter kilts, or as an alternative to wear when you want to keep your 8-yarder pristine for special occasions. In lightweight cloth these also ideal for hot climates. To complete your look, try a day sporran, belt and buckle, colourful hose and a ghilie shirt. Tailored in Scotland b our professional kilt makers.

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Casual 5 yard Kilt - Polyviscose

A top-stitched 5-yard casual tartan kilt, made in polyviscose cloth, which is hypoallergenic and ver..

£110.00 Ex Tax: £91.67

Casual 5 yard Kilt

The 5 yard kilt is a lightweight and versatile alternative to the traditional 8 yard kilt. Less fabr..

£240.00 Ex Tax: £200.00