Full Kilts

Full Kilts
Traditional, eight-yard knife-pleated kilt, the filleadh beag (or 'philibeg'). Tailored for you, in Scotland. All our kilts are fully canvas lined, with three buckles, so you get the best fit possible. Choose from the widest selection of tartans available (over 2,000) on the market.
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Full 8 Yard Kilt

As with all our kilts, this garment is Made in Scotland by our own trained kilt makers. They are ful..

£295.00 Ex Tax: £245.83

Full 9 Yard Kilt

The 9-yard kilt is recommended for gentlemen with larger seat (hip) sizes (between 46" and 52") to e..

£345.00 Ex Tax: £287.50

Full 10 Yard Kilt

The 10-yard kilt is recommended for gentlemen with larger seat (hip) sizes above 52", to ensure a fu..

£400.00 Ex Tax: £333.33

Box Pleated 4/5-yard Kilt

The box pleated-kilt was the universal type of Feilidh beag or little kilt in the late eighteen..

£285.00 Ex Tax: £237.50

Full Plain Black 8 Yard Kilt

Our special offer kilt! This is a genuine pure wool plain black kilt, using a full eight yard of mat..

£155.00 Ex Tax: £129.17

Fully Hand-Stitched 8 yard Kilt

A completely handmade kilt. Tailored using the most traditional techniques. Many folk like their kil..

£380.00 Ex Tax: £316.67