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Tweed Kilt Jackets and Waistcoats

St Kilda make it easy to buy a fully tailored tweed kilt jacket online. Just follow the measuring instructions and choose your preferred options. Want something a bit different? Just contact us and we'll see what we can do.

Brand: Gaelic Themes Model: V-MTMWAL Tweed
The Wallace is a modern Kilt Jacket, designed for a variety of formal, semi-formal and even business occasions. Stripped of any traditional details, this is a sharp piece of bespoke tailoring. The Wallace can be worn with or without a 5 button waistcoat, although it is usually accompanied with ..
Ex Tax:£325.00
Brand: Gaelic Themes Model: V-MTMTWA
The Argyll or 'Argyle' kilt jacket is primarily characterised by the distinctive gauntlet cuff. It usually has epaulettes on the shoulders, a one-button close, scalloped-button pockets, with a curved front to better accommodate the sporran. This is our fully customisable tweed option, where you..
Ex Tax:£260.00
Brand: Gaelic Themes Model: V-MTMBR
The Braemar is a variant of the traditional Argyll Jacket. The main difference comes with the detailing on the cuff: instead of a full gauntlet, it sports a scalloped patch with three buttons running up the arm. With origins in the eighteenth century, this imitates the formal Prince Charlie jacket, ..
Ex Tax:£260.00
Brand: Gaelic Themes Model: V-MTMCRL
The Crail is a stripped-back modern take on the traditional one-button fastening Argyll kilt jacket. Instead of the Argyll's gauntlet cuffs, it has a distinctive elegant and unfussy one button sleeve. Like the Argyll, the Crail is the standard day-wear kilt jacket, which is ve..
Ex Tax:£250.00
Brand: Gaelic Themes Model: V-MTMBAL
Completely made in Scotland. The Balmoral Doublet is a formal Victorian-style jacket and waistcoat - a classic design in Socttisah Highlandwear - but one that was supplanted by the Argyll and the Prince Charlie in the early twentieth century. Now enjoying something of a renaissance, we can make t..
Ex Tax:£350.00
Brand: Gaelic Themes Model: V-MTMBAL
Our velvet version of the Balmoral Doublet features a slightly different cut to the tweed version, designed with sleeker detailing to best emphasise the material. Features plain epaulettes, plain gauntlet cuffThis version is not usually worn with a waistcoat, but can be worn with a kilt belt. Let us..
Ex Tax:£300.00
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