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Cap Badge St. Kilda

Cap Badge St. Kilda
Cap Badge St. Kilda
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  • Model: C-FCBIS001

Our company was founded by members of the St Kilda diaspora, so it seemed only right we should honour this with a badge. St Kilda is a small group of remote islands to the north west of Uist. The ancient community on the islands was mostly cut off from the other islands by wild seas, and they were evacuated from the islands in 1930. The last St Kildan died in 2016. It's unclear if there was an actual Saint by the name of Kilda, no one by that name is recorded elsewhere, but many local saints have likewise been lost to history. Scholars argue today whether the name may be a confused corruption by several map makers, but there had been no one accepted theory. 

This is a large badge 60mm in diameter.

Premium quality hand finished pewter cap badge. Completely designed and hand cast by our highly skilled craftsmen at our workshop in Glasgow, Scotland.

The cap badge is worn on the Glengarry or Balmoral bonnet on the left hand side, on top of the rossette, although this can also be used as a brooch. 

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