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Cufflinks Stag

Cufflinks Stag
Cufflinks Stag
Cufflinks Stag
Cufflinks Stag
Cufflinks Stag
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  • Model: C-CL535

Our exquisite Stag-themed Pewter Cufflinks are crafted with utmost precision, these cufflinks embody the majestic essence of the Scottish Highlands and its iconic wildlife.

Fashioned from lead-free pewter, the intricate design pays tribute to the stately stag, an emblem of grace and resilience deeply intertwined with Scotland's cultural tapestry. Whether you're adorning a kilt for a formal affair or infusing your everyday look with a hint of Caledonian charm, these cufflinks serve as a testament to your refined taste and your connection to Scotland's rich traditions.

Each cufflink is meticulously worked to a fine finish. The secure fastening ensures they remain steadfast on your cuffs as you go about your day, while the enduring design guarantees they become cherished keepsakes passed down through generations.

A thoughtful gift for Scots proud of their heritage, wildlife enthusiasts, or anyone who values the fusion of artistry and culture, our Stag-themed Scottish Pewter Cufflinks encapsulate the spirit of the Highlands.

Completely designed, cast and finished at our workshop in Glasgow, Scotland. 

Size 24mm x 19mm 

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